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At Cobbs Creek Construction, our goal is to provide you with a roof that is durable, maintenance free, and as hard-working as it is aesthetically pleasing.

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Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attests to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to show you why we believe metal roofs are the best material to protect your home, business, garage, pole barn, or other structure with.

We are proud to serve the following areas in central Missouri: Lebanon, Salem, Rolla, Waynesville, St. Robert, Buffalo, Bolivar, Springfield, Hartville, Camdenton, Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, and anywhere else in a roughly 100-mile radius from Lebanon.

The Metal Advantage

At Cobbs Creek Construction, we understand that you have a lot is invested in your home. That’s why we strive to provide top quality metal roofing at an affordable price. If you are considering a new roof, consider the many advantages a metal roof can offer your home, including…


A properly installed metal roofing system is virtually maintenance free over the life of the roof.


A metal roof can be installed over top of existing roofs, bringing significant savings in time and labor in addition to eliminating the growing disposal problem associated with shingles.

Energy Efficient

Many conventional roofing materials such, as asphalt, absorb energy from the sun. Metal, on the other hand reflects heat, reducing energy costs.


Metal roofing is beautiful as well as durable and is available in many different styles and configurations such as lap seam, standing seam, and metal shingles to fit diverse architectural requirements. We also offer 20 different colors to accommodate anyone’s tastes.


Non-metal roofing material begins to deteriorate as soon as it is exposed to elements such as UV rays from the sun, temperature changes, severe storms, and high winds. A metal roof will never deteriorate and can withstand most everything nature throws its way.

Life Expectancy

The average life of a non-metal roof is 17 years. Asphalt often requires re-roofing every 10 to 20 years. But a metal roofing system offers unmatched durability lasting approximately three times longer. Chances are good that a metal roof will be the last roof you will ever install on your home.

And Finally, Our Warranty

Our standard metal roofing comes with a 40-year limited paint warranty! Not too many manufacturers have that much confidence in their products.

Metal Roof Over Shingles

We use a revolutionary spacer when installing a metal roof over existing shingles, providing air-flow and ventilation

Metal Roof Corner

All valleys are sealed with an expandable sealant

Top of Metal Roof

For ridge vent applications we use a ventilation product that conforms to the panel profile. This material allows for a tight seal against rain and snow while still providing unmatched ventilation

Metal Roof Corner

Protect yourself from a “roof avalanche” with an optional ice and snow guard

Our service was great! The job very professionally done and couldn’t be happier! – C. Haynez

I highly recommend Cobbs Creek Construction. You guys did my roof a few years back and I couldn’t be happier. – D. Hutchinson

What You Can Expect from a Cobbs Creek Roofing Job

Metal Roof Installation and Repair

At Triple C we strive to perform satisfactory work on metal roofing jobs from the hidden things underneath the metal all the way to the exterior that shows to the public eye. Our goal is to always perform our work in a manner where we can go home to sleep at night with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Our 3 year workmanship warranty is the foundation of our business and insures that we continue offering work that you can depend on.

When you call Cobbs Creek Construction for a metal roofing bid, we will come to your home or business when it is convenient for you to give a free estimate. You can expect us to ask for access to the roof so that we can measure and inspect the roof to evaluate your roofing needs and to give you an honest and fair quote.

We can put a metal roof over a shingled roof, if it has 3 layers of shingle or less. If we find a lot of weak spots in the decking on a roof, we will recommend putting down 1×4’s as lathing before the roof install.

For added protection we always use a vapor barrier regardless: when going on shingles only as a barrier between the shingle and metal to keep the bottom of the metal from scratches thereby eliminating potential rust & voiding of warranty. We also will do this on 1×4’s to keep metal condensation from rotting the 1×4’s & having leakage problems 10 years down the road.

Cobbs Creek Construction’s metal is a #1, 40 year warranty metal with over 20 different colors to suit your taste. Most of the time we’ll be able to vent your ridge with flex-o-vent closures under the ridge cap, creating more air flow through hot summer days thus cooler attics. The combination of vapor barrier with the foil on 1 side and more air flow in attic offers you a greater return on your investment with lower cooling costs.

Rest assured when the quote is given that is what your bill will be when the job is completed. There will be no extra or hidden costs. The only time our bill would be different is when changes are requested by a customer after the quote was given. We will make sure the work will not proceed unless customer is fully aware of what is happening & the cost difference.

Thank you for considering Cobbs Creek Construction for your next metal roofing project. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (573)247-2629

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